Saturday, March 17

Bomb.Repeat.Bomb.1954 By Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

The blog *sixeyes has posted a HUGE chunk of Ted Leo + The Pharmacists... here.

NOTE: The Retro Music Snob has pointed this out long before me... here.

Downloadable: "Bomb.Repeat.Bomb.1954" (touch & go mp3)

Dang... that is quite possibly the most rockin' thing Ted + Rx have done (with the exception of that Stiff Little Fingers cover).

Myspace page is here.
Touch & Go page is here.
Lookout Records page is here.
Acefu page is here.
Emusic page is here.

BONUS Link: Check out Ted's re-working of The Jam's "That's Entertainment"... here (Thanks, thepunkguy).

Ted Leo + The Pharmacists Live

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