Monday, April 23

Enter The Wu-Tang By The Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan are friggin' generous. Case and point: click here

FYI: Idolator sez DownThemAll.

This is just a little bit of what they got up (WARNING: kinda crappy tags):
The Wu-Tang Demo Tape (produced by the RZA)
"Enter The Wu-Tang" (mp3)
"Wu-Tang Master" (mp3)
"Cuttin' Headz" (mp3)
"Problems" (mp3)
"It's All About Me" (mp3)
"After The Laughter" (mp3)
"Bring Da Ruckus" (mp3)
"The Wu Is Comin' Thru" (mp3)

While the files above are ~128kbps mp3s, they sound like they came off a bootleg kung fu VHS tape. Interesting.

BONUS: "Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Clean Version)" (mp3)
by ODB and Macy Gray

The Wu-Tang Clan

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