Tuesday, April 17

Murder By The Big Sleep

Been digging on The Big Sleep (not this one, although that one's preeetty kickass as well).

The Big Sleep

"Murder" (mp3)
"You Can't Touch The Untouchable" (mp3)
"Sleepy Kid Waltz" (mp3)
"Sleepy Kid" (mp3)
"Fast B" (mp3)
"Elephants" (mp3)
"Tenderone" (mp3)... NOTE: This is NOT "Tenderoni" (mp3)!!

Myspace page is here.

Unrelated BONUS links:
- Brooklyn Vegan has news of the (sorry, sold out) Spoon NYC show and an old mp3... here.
- The Culture Bully has Klaxons remixes, lot's of them... here.
- The blog Raven Sings The Blues has got some Black Moth Super Rainbow for your perusal... here. More BMSR here and here... UPDATE: and here.

The Big Sleep

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