Saturday, April 21

The Willowz On WOXY

Hells Yeah! GT favs The Willowz were on WOXY the other day!

Download: "The Willowz on WOXY" (mp3)

Watch the vid for "Evil Son" by way of Videostatic... here.

Myspace page is here.
Dim Mak page is here.
Sympathy For The Record Industry is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Unrelated BONUS links:
-Ted Leo (who just had a site makeover, oooh) on KEXP... here (Thanks to The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff).
- Hey Weirdo! check out Death Sentence: Panda! over at 20 Jazz Funk Greats... here.
- 7" blog, you shall know our discography has got some rips of Unrest... here and here and here.
- Stream new QOTSA, "Sick Sick Sick" at... QOTSA dot com. Dig the broken lightbulb narration!

The Willowz On WOXY

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