Sunday, May 20

The Crystal Cat By Dan Deacon

Hot Damn! That Dan Deacon is a weird one. For those of you who want a little Rock Math... he's kinda like Atom minus The Dead Milkmen.

Listen: "The Crystal Cat" (mp3)

Watch: Big Big Big Big Big

Dan Deacon interview on NBC is here.

Thanks to T-Bird for the recommendation.

Myspace page is here.
Standard Oil Records are here.
Emusic page is here.

"Pizza Horse (Live)" (mp3)
"The Adventures of Mr. Bumbershing Featuring Dr. Witherbean" (mp3)
"Hey Let's Go For A Ride" (mp3)
"Mr. Big Stuff" (mp3)
"I Will Always Have Juice Today" (mp3)

- Get The Snikative Sessions by Autopilot fer free... here. (Thanks Reloda)
- There's a new Black Lips vid for "Cold Hands"... here.
- A Fair(y) Use Tale is here.
- itstoolong has posted "James Bonde" by Bonde Do Role... here.
Me Too!!: "James Bonde" (mp3)
- Check out the *sixeyes Sunday mix... here.

Dan Deacon

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