Sunday, May 6

Dartboard (Demo) By Low Scores

New stuff and old stuff from Low Scores (formerly known as Bulk Buttons)... here and here respectively.

Downloadables (New):
"Dartboard (Demo)" (mp3)
"Zoom2" (mp3)

Downloadables (Old):
"10,000 Cities (Remix Album)" (zip)
"Bumble And The Bees (Instrumental Album)" (zip)
"Snack Attack Phantom (Mix)" (mp3)
"The Door Is Closed (Mix)" (mp3)

Unrelated BONUS links:
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- Fujiya & Miyagi on NPR over at The Smudge... here.
- Was Bach Punk? Find out here.
- Man Man is lost in youir inbox... here.

Low Scores

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