Wednesday, May 2

Eats Your Tapes Up (Blow Remix) By Eats Tapes

Bleep Blorp Bloob!!

Ladies and Gentlemen... Eats Tapes!

(Why yes, I have been listening to "It's All The Same Price"... A LOT).

"Eats Your Tapes Up (Blow Remix)" (mp3)
"Lucky Dragons Megamix" (mp3)
"Hard Reset" (mp3)
"Coded Transmissions" (mp3)
"pH" (mp3)

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Semi/Un-related BONUS links:
- Here's "Hock It" (mp3) by The Blow incestuously remixed by YACHT. If you like, click here. I Guess I'm Floating has more The Blow... here.
- Dirty Bronson has posted a very special youtube vid and mp3 from Canada's own Apostle Of Hustle... here.
- AiH already remixed by Pink Skull at the 'gum... here.
- I Rock, I Roll blogs about [robot voice] Floss-Tra-Damus!... here.

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