Tuesday, May 15

Lighthouse By Frances

So you were reading about Frances in The L and were too damn lazy to follow up and find some of their mp3s. Shame on you.

"Lighthouse" (mp3)
"Cousin (Demo)" (mp3)
"It (Live)" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.

- "Hate It Here" by Wilco is up over at *sixeyes... here. Of course you could just buy the album, or dismiss it like pfork (dad-rock? ouch!).
- "Moxy Blues" (mp3) by Peel is the KEXP Song Of The Day.
- Want New Wave? You Want Zom Zoms!!! here (Thanks missing toof).
- Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits (a Swedish mp3 blog) has posted a new track from The Go! Team... here (I think).


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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

The Zom Zoms are great, next best thing to devo !!

5/16/2007 5:28 AM  

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