Monday, May 28

Spain Never Made It By Foundry Field Recordings

Foundry Field Recordings has a free EP, Fathers As Robots... available just for you on their website.

Download: "Spain Never Made It" (mp3)

Get the rest of the EP... here.

Myspace page is here.
Daytrotter free songs are here.
Emusic page is here.

- Blank Crisis remembers Warrior Soul... here.
- Neiles' Life has some new Tegan & Sara... here.
- A kickass Shellac Peel session was put up yesterday at thepunkguy... here.
- A whole bunch of Misfits mp3s are available at A Best Truth... here.
- Listen to some Soooooul with Mr. Fine Wine... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful has a mini-mix called Tree Hugging after dark (with Shakes, Jessamine, Architecture In Helsinki)... here.
- There is an awesome mix up at Swan Fungus... here.
- Norma is totally Swedish. Find out more at EarDrums... here.

Foundry Field Recordings

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