Monday, May 21

Why And How Come By The Shaky Hands

Can't stop listening to...

Download: "Why And How Come" (mp3) (source: by The Shaky Hands (NOTE: not these guys)

One more downloadable and one streamable:
"The Sleepless" (mp3)
"Why And How Come" (youtube)

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The Shaky Hands

Unrelated: I was semi-excited to see The Harlem Shakes who are doing the whole self-released dealie in a venue as large as Irving. However, due to a wee bit o' Harlem Shake appendicitis I was treated to The Virgins (signed to Atlantic Records) instead. Hmmmmmm. They got a free mp3 on their myspace page if you are interested... here.

- Warm And Scratchy is the free album of indie rock from your friends at Adult Swim. If you haven't already, get it here.
- thepunkguy posts about Clikitat IkAtowi... here.
- Death Sentence: PANDA! has been given the missing toof treatment... here.
- Oliver North Boy Choir?... har har, 3hive, har har.
- (oldie) Architecture In Helsinki on WOXY... here.
- New Okkervil on pfork... here.

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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

The virgins are super good, i just wish they'd released an album before they signed to Atlantic. Althou 'Rich Girls' is a bloody tune.


5/22/2007 4:25 AM  
Anonymous krist said...

hey thanks again for all the links. we love your site too.


5/22/2007 10:23 AM  

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