Thursday, June 21

Autumn Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time By Shooting At Unarmed Men

Shooting At Unarmed Men are going down under to promote their soon-to-be-new album, Triptych. Hey Aussies (you lucky bastards) go see them damnit! Triptych won't be out in the good ol' US of A until sometime next year.

In the meantime, you can take a listen to the Too Pure podcast # 5 (xml feed) in order to get an idea of what you are missing: "Autumn Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time" (starts at 17:45) (mp3)

Plus you can (uggh) stream "Boredom Is The Feeling..." (probably not the complete title... DAMN YOU Myspace player!!) at the SAUM myspace page... here.

Emusic page is here.

- Timedoor sees Superchunk for the first time in a long time... here.
- Popsheep has some songs of interest for you... here.
- Audiversity has new Dizzee, "Paranoid" (not a Black Sabbath cover)... here.

Shooting At Unarmed Men new album art

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