Sunday, June 3

Before I Lose My Style By Space Needle

One Year Ago Today, Part 10

Q: One Year Ago Today?
A: Space Needle!

Space Needle

Here is your recommended dosage:
"Before I Lose My Style" (mp3)
"Beers In Heaven" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Eenie Meenie page is here.

- You mean you haven't downloaded Build On A Weak Spot's Monthy Mix yet? Shame on YOU!... here. More mixes... here.
- Mike Watt is gonna be on UCLAradio dot com. Methinks there's something wrong with this poster... hmmmmm??
watt on uclaraio dot com poster
Anyway, The Rawking Refuses To Stop has a reminder of why Mike Watt rules... here. Plus, you can always listen to the Watt from Pedro show... here. Here is the most recent one: "the Watt from Pedro show for May 30, 2007" (mp3)
- Indie pop lovers take notice... Throw Me The Statue mp3s are in this week's *sixeyes Sunday mix... here.
- "I'm Your Man" By Richard Hell And The Voidoids is featured today on NEVVER... here. Awesome!

Space Needle

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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Wow, that Space needle track is great, never heard of em, thanks for the tip man !!!

6/04/2007 9:06 AM  

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