Wednesday, June 27

Capricornations By Mika Miko

Well, I'm not the first to post this mp3 by Mika Miko, but it's awesome, so what the fuck? Right? It's a wee bit shrill but in a good way.

Download: "Capricornations" (mp3)

Mika Miko just started touring around Europe with the blogtastic NO AGE, and they have a couple of Todd P shows coming up in August. Excellent.

.tk page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

- KEXP goes over this week's new releases... here.
- EARFARM has posted the latest Three For Free (with mp3s from Mastadon, Pig Destroyer, and Don Caballero)... here.
- 17 Dots has the deets on the five possible flavors of the next Arcade Fire album... here.
- Dave Allen's pampelmoose is posting Gang Of Four boots. The latest one is "Natural's Not In It (Live At Mother's NYC 1979)" (mp3). More here and here and here. There are going to be nine more boots posted so point your web browsers... here.
- BOAWS is back. Check out Enemymine... here.
- Brooklynvegan points us to Qui, now with David Yow... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard loves "New York Groove"... here.

Mika Miko

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