Thursday, June 28

Record Shop By The Snow Fairies

Sometimes (like after a prolonged Parts & Labor binge) I have to take a measured dose of Twee. And I'd say The Snow Fairies have just the right amount.

"Record Shop" ( mp3)
"Voila!" (whole album in a zip)

WARNING: Twee has been known to cause headbobbing, vomitting, lightheadedness, a sweet taste in the mouth, and gential itching.

Myspace page is here.

BONUS Parts & Labor mp3 to provide a auditory counterbalance: "A Great Divide" (mp3)

- Crazy ass beats minus computers and vinyl? Nice. BIGSTEREO reports on Ghosts On Tape... here.
- We likes Ben Weaver, so does Muzzle Of Bees... here. If you ain't heard his unmastered Paper Sky tracks click here.

Snow Fairies

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