Friday, June 22

Tryplmeade Gorsmatch By Bumps

I like Bumps. Do you like Bumps?

FYI: Bumps is "Beats, Breaks, Drums by Bitney, Herndon & McEntire of Tortoise".

If you responded "Tortoise? Those Wankers?" Perhaps you should skip down to the Madlib mp3.

Downloadable: "Tryplmeade Gorsmatch" (mp3)


Also from Stones Throw (a wee mp3)... "Masala" (mp3) by Madlib the Beat Konducta

Madlib's myspace page is here.
Madlib's emusic page is here.


- New Jracula on G vs. B... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard has a little piece about the reissue of Daydream Nation... here.
- SiLT has posted a podcast of covers. I loves me some covers... here.
- The Sound Of Indie posted a boot version of Trouble by Love Of Diagrams... here. More LoD mp3s... here and here.
- Off The Record has posted four tracks from the new Interpol... here.
- One more new BOAT song is over at Said The Gramaphone... here.
- And now the best thing to happen to Bloc Party covers since DFA 1979 reconfigured "Luno" (a savefile mp3 found by typing "dfa luno" into google)... Smoosh covers "This Modern Love" (mp3)... here.
- Finally here's some Tomato Therapy:

tomato therapy

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