Friday, June 1

YOUTUBE: The Power Of Sound Salad By Lightning Bolt

L-L-L-L-lightning B-B-B-B-bolt!!

Watch: Power Of Sound Salad a/k/a The Power Of Salad And Milkshakes

(youtube link)

Comment: This is A LOT of Lightning Bolt. The sound quality is quite suckass. The youtube pixelization, kinda appropriate.

June 2007 Believer Mag cover

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- Oxford Collapse does Daytrotter. You dig?... here. Question: Did they abandon their domain or was it hacked?
- Fluxblog posts Parts & Labor. Awesome!... here.
- Bloc Party mash-ups? Hey why not?... here.
- Heartless Bastards are all over MOKB... here.

This BONUS brought to you by Gorilla Vs. Bear, Austinist, and White Denim:

Buddy Rich Vs. Animal

(youtube link)

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