Sunday, July 29

1-10 By Japanther

So someone recently recommended Japanther to me.

Their website looks like this:
Japanther Website

Then after some typing and clicking I found these:
"1-10" (mp3)
"Wolfen Swan (Demo)" (mp3)
"The Whales" (mp3)
"Energy" (mp3)

This is what they looked like in 2005:

Myspace page is here.
Tapes Records page is here.
Secret Sight is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Missing Toof post from back in June is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Off The Record is back with a little post entitled "Wowza" -- featuring some blogtastic artists -- Klaxons and Spoon among others... here.
- Speaking of Spoon, have you seen this yet?
- *Sixeyes Saturday Mix was a Canadaphile's wet dream (or at least something to listen to while eating cereal and watching porn with the sound turned down)... here.
- This Women Coil reviews the Lezzies On X (in French)... here. Listen: "Tell Me Does She Love The Bass (Jealous Mix)" (mp3)
- An early r.e.m. boot? Gotta be Captain's Dead... here.
- Myspace? Teeth Of The Hydra!

Unrelated Pics From Last Night Taken With A Crappy Ass Cameraphone Featuring Mouth Of The Architect And Made Out Of Babies:

A pixelated Mouth Of The Architect taken from the bar at Southpaw
Mouth Of The Architect

A pixelated Made Out Of Babies
Made Out Of Babies

Blurry Made Out Of Babies
Made Out Of Babies

More Blurry Made Out Of Babies
Made Out Of Babies

Japanther Again...


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