Friday, July 13

Blood On Our Hands (Remix) By Justice Vs. Death From Above 1979

Q: Party like it's 2005?
A: Justice Vs. DFA 1979!

Loud Downloadable: "Blood On Our Hands (Remix)" (mp3)

Vice Records is here.

Considering Clicking
- More Justice... here and here (3hive and Brooklyn Vegan, respectively)
- It is summer, durr, you should listen to some dub... here (Thanks G Vs. B).
- Are you racked by triskaidekaphobia?? The KEXP blog has the mix for you... here.
- Enjoy the summery pop goodness of The Bees (a/k/a A Band Of Bees in the good ol' US of A) over at The Pelican’s Perch... here.
- A post about White Demin that not at Gorilla Vs. Bear? Whaa? The PartyEnds... here.
- Bleep! Blorp! Don't forget to download the Crystal Castles' remix of "Crimewave" by Health over at The Daily Growl... here.



Death From Above 1979

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