Monday, July 9

LIVE VIDEO: Tax Dollar By Erase Errata

Okey... the audio quality sucks. The video is well marginally better. I must say this is a pretty poor reference for Sunday's Pool Party, but whatevs... here's the happy happy version of "Tax Dollar" by Erase Errata.

Watch: "Tax Dollar (Live)" ( mp4)

And they didn't play "Giant Hans". Boo.

BONUS: "One Minute/Marathon" (mp3)

Some photos:

Jenny sings and plays git.
Erase Errata

Bianca and Ellie are the rhythm section.
Erase Errata

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More photos of other bands:

Where' Dan Deacon?
Dan Deacon?

Octopic 1
The Octopus Project Live

Octopic 2
The Octopus Project Live

Octopic 3
The Octopus Project Live

The last of the Octopics
The Octopus Project Live

[Trying to think of a new way to announce my links to other blogs and such]:
- If the idea of BOAT covering Tullycraft makes you squeal with glee, head over to You Ain't No Picasso... here. Wait a sec... you prollly subscribe to this. Nevermind.
- The blog I HEART COMIX sez The Death Set is awesome (in all caps and with two exclamation points)... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful has a mix entitled I Only Need One Eye To See (the other one confuses me)... here.
- Raven Sings The Blues has says stuff about the new Liars LP... here.
- The (blogriffic) National has a Daytrotter Session... click here if you like this song.
- Myspace? Spillsbury!

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