Saturday, July 28

Mr. Prison Shanks By Made Out Of Babies

I'm gonna go see me some Made Out Of Babies... here.

Made Out Of Babies

"Mr. Prison Shanks" (mp3)
"Ire Fire" (mp3)
"Swarm" (mp3)

Neurot Recordings page is here.

Also playing: (mask lovin') Mouth Of The Architect.

Mouth of the Architect

"The Worms" (mp3)
"At Arms Length" (mp3)

Translation Loss page is here.

Should be fucking heavy.

Consider Clicking
- BOAWS has its' monthly mix up... here.
- Fucked Up covering Justice? Nice. P'fork... Here. Listen: "Stress (Justice Cover)" (mp3)
- Pop Pop Pop, The Sharp Things were in The Lounge... here.
sharp things at woxy
Listen: "The Sharp Things On WOXY" (mp3)
- I Rock Cleveland drops a new one from The Mae Shi... here. Won't some smart US label pick them up already? Come On.
- Yesterday's KEXP song of the day was "Heart it Races (Trizzy’s Rusty Tin Can Mix)" (mp3) by Architecture in Helsinki

Another picture of Made Out Of Babies...

Made Out Of Babies

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Blogger twodrunkenminers said...

Just wanted to say thanks - there's always something new and interesting and awesome on yr blog. And any blog title that could simultaneously reference The Stooges and Hoover is aces in my book.

And "Made Out Of Babies", while they totally kick ass, have the worst name I've heard in at least three months.

7/30/2007 12:20 PM  

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