Wednesday, July 11

The War On Christmas By The American Dollar

Q: Well, July 4th has come and gone... is it too early to start the War On Christmas, because I wants me some "legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, [and] gay marriage"?
A: The American Dollar sez... well actually, they don't say much of anything, in a post-rocky kind of way.

"War On Christmas" (mp3) (source:
"Rudiments Of Spiritual Life" (mp3) (source:

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[Still trying to think of a new way to announce my links to other blogs and such]:
- Two Idolator posts seriously need your attention. The first is about The Seedy Seeds... here, and the second is about the sad state of MTV (and Neil Young)... here.
- Stereogum has collected and released an entire Radiohead tribute (OK Computer specific)... here.
- Missing Toof has The Teenagers (in mp3 format)... here.
- Myspace? Books On Tape!
- Missed this one... Ruby Isle doing "Teenage Riot (Sonic Youth Cover)" (mp3)
- BIGSTEREO has a Crystal Castles / Health themed post... here.
"Crimewave" (mp3) by Health
"Mother Knows Best" (mp3) by Crystal Castles

The American Dollar

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