Sunday, August 12

Duck, Mother Fuckers! By YeaBig + KidStatic

Thanks to I Rock Cleveland for pointing out YeaBig + KidStatic (who recently sampled the bleeps, blurps, and squeaks from the Mae Shi's new album for their own creative purposes).

"Duck, Mother Fuckers!" (mp3)
"Run To The Facts" (mp3 with those Mae Shi samples)
"Exaggeration Run Amuck" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
More mp3s here.

Consider Clicking
- PRODUCT SHOP NYC has a list of upcoming Sound Fix shows, plus a Junior Senior mp3 (they're playing tonight)... here. PRODUCT SHOP NYC also has info about the Electroma NYC screenings... here.
- NEVVER posted "Moon Over Marin" covered by Les Thugs... here.

YeaBig + KidStatic

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