Wednesday, September 26

Animal Collective On KEXP

Q: Another much blogged about band in a recent podcast??
A: Animal Collective!

The band played a set of new and old material over at KEXP the other day. They showed up with a stripped down version of their usual equipment ('cuz they knew exactly what they were going to play).

Downloadable: "Animal Collective on KEXP" (mp3)

Watch: "Peacebone" (youtube).

Strawberry Jam is here.
Paw Tracks are here.
Fat Cat page is here.
Domino Page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- p'fork has two new downloadables to check out... Fucked Up playing "Blaze Of Glory" on Dinner With The Band, and the blogtastic Bats For Lashes covering Springsteen on Fair Game... here and here, respectively.
- Speaking Of Bats For Lashes, you can listen to their whole set... "Bats For Lashes on Fair Game (9/24/07)" (mp3). Oh, and Chris Jordan's art is fucking amazing. I must say, guest host Michael Ian Black is doing a super job on Fair Game. Give this man a radio show.
- Speaking Of Michael Ian Black have you seen this recently? 'Member when MTV had stuff worth watching?
- A Deth(klok)album? More about that... here.
- NEVVER wants you to shake yr booty with a little help from Tito... here. Muy Caliente!

Animal Collective

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