Sunday, September 16

Attitude (Misfits Cover) By Mika Miko

We loooves covers here at GT, but they are a mixed bag. They come in a few flavors:

- Vanilla... Good, but not as good as the original... just ok.
- Pickle with Organic Lube Swirl... So fucking AWFUL, you contemplate violence toward the covering band.
- Phish Food®... The original song sucked... but this is amazing.
- Dave Matthews Band® Magic Brownies™... The original song sucked... but this is sucks even worse.
- Nocciola Gelato... This is a cover? It sounds nothing like the original.
- Mika Miko... This is awesome and totally captures the spirit of the original.

Mika Miko

Enough ice cream talk. What I'm talking about here is "Attitude" (yousendit mp3) by the Misfits. Mika Miko cover it on their 666 EP and it's freakin' amazing. Dig it.

Listen: "Attitude (Misfits Cover)" ( mp3)

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BONUS: The Nutley Brass cover of "Attitude" (yousendit mp3)

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Mika Miko by mattkshrugg
Mika Miko

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