Saturday, September 15

A Big Deposit By Please Dept.

Hey Brooklyn... BLEEP blorp Bloobbbb... time for some Please Dept.

"A Big Deposit" ( mp3)(source: myspace)
"Sailor's Mouth" ( mp3)(source: myspace)

Myspace page is here.
Please Dept on NPR... here.
Buy A Fast One On Julian here.

Consider Clicking
- Wilco's demos from Summerteeth? Where else? Captain's Dead... here.
- Frank Zappa explains how to save the record industry at Culture Bully... here.
- NEVVER posts some of PJ's "White Chalk"... here.
- SUCKAPANTS went to a Japanther show that got shut down (at least Team Robespierre got to play)... here.
- KCRW's song of yesterday... "Outside Chance" (mp3)... here.

please dept. by oe montoya

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