Monday, October 15

The Catch By Forget Cassettes

Did you like that Forget Cassettes Lounge Act the other month there? Me too.

"The Catch" (mp3)
"Quiero Quieres" (mp3)
"Instruments Of Action" (mp3)
"Ms. Rhythm And Blues" (mp3)

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Theory 8 is here.

Consider Clicking
- s k a t t e r b r a i n has a Tullycraft post... here.
- OFFICE, Man Man, and Earlimart are featured on The Yellow Stereo... here.
- It's neobritpop goodness over at the internet blog mfr. with Soft... here.
- motel de moka has a new mix entitled, The Echoes... here.
- My favorite new band name... Freedom Haters!

Forget Cassettes

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