Wednesday, October 10

Converging In The Quiet By Crystal Stilts

Whaaa? An In Rainbows-free post? 'nuff of that elsewhere.
Remember this post? If not, you gots to listen to some Crystal Stilts.

crystal stilts

Downloadables (source: myspace):
"Converging In The Quiet" ( mp3)
"Crippled Croon" ( mp3)
"The Sinking" ( mp3)

Thanks to Chris for the Crystal Stilts tip.

Consider Clicking
- Check out a tribute to one of the last good R.E.M. albums... here.
- New Grizzly Bear is up at s'gum (it features Beirut and The Dirty Projectors)... here.
- "Short Songs!" (mp3) Check out the latest Contrast Podcast... here.
- Spinner's mp3 of the day is "1209 Seminary" (mp3) by The Ponys... here.

The EP comes out soon according to the ol' myspace page.

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