Thursday, October 4

Easy Chairs By Suckers

Here are some photos from last Saturday's Muggabears/Suckers sorta sweaty show at Soundfix:

The Suckers Were Quite Kick Ass
The Suckers At Soundfix

The Muggabears
Muggabears At Soundfix
Muggabears At Soundfix

A Blurry Sweaty Travis
Muggabears At Soundfix

Suckers Downloadable: "Easy Chairs" ( mp3) (source: myspace)

Pre-NYC Muggabears a/k/a The Muggabears a/k/a The Oklahoma Muggabears Downloadable: "No No Waspy Wasp" (yousendit mp3)

Consider Clicking:
- Via Audio also played that night (but I got there too late, oh well), more about them + mp3s at i rock i roll... here. Older Via Audio: "Developing Active People" (mp3)
- YANP's wish came true. Check out a non-live version of "If You Take Away the Make-Up" by Tullycraft... here.
- Props to Oh My Rockness for pointing out Shocking Pinks... here. Listen: "This Aching Deal" (mp3)
- Just Gimme Indie Rock goes METAL with High On Fire... here. Watch some HoF: "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered" (youtube vid)
- new new new White Demin at The White Demin Fan Club... no wait, I mean... GvsB (just kidding, GvsB is awesome)... here.
- A Daytrotter comp on emusic? Check it out... here.
- Did Bungie buy itself back from Mr. Bill? More about that here.


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