Sunday, October 7

Just As The Day Was Dawning By Big Business

OK, it's time for some Big Business.

Downloadable: "Just As The Day Was Dawning" (mp3) (source: pitchfork)
Streamable: "O.G. (Live)" (youtube vid)

Myspace page is here.
Hydrahead is here.

Here are some pics from last nights Melvins/Big Business show at Luna Lounge (A Purge Of Dissidents also played, but I missed them):

Blurry Big Business
Big Business

More Big Business
Big Business

Drums, I think
Big Business

Another Fucked Photo Of Big Business Drumming
Big Business

Big Business

Some Olde Timey Big Business
Big Business

Melvins With Big Business In Arty Black & White

Synchronized Drumming Action, Melvins Style

Dark Lord Of The Melvins... Buzzo

"A Civilized Worm" (mp3)
"Goin' Blind (Kiss Cover)" (mp3)

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Darger @
source: hammer gallery
- Beirut on KEXP? *sixeyes has more... here.
- Some AiH remixes and whatnot are over at Bridging The Atlantic... here.

A Candid Photo Of Big Business
Big Business

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