Thursday, October 11

Need Your Needs By Georgie James

Georgie James is Laura Burhenn (of Laura Burhenn fame) and John Davis (of Q And Not U, uh... fame). They're crafting some straight up indie pop. It is not Q And Not U-ish at all. That's not a bad thing, per se. You dig?

"Need Your Needs" (mp3)
"Cake Parade" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Saddle Creek is here.

Big Ups to miss s!

Consider Clicking
- MISSING TOOF has a remix of Crystal Castles done by Futurecop! which has a bloorpy glitch groovy once you get past that intro (ack)... here.
- The Annuals and Manchester Orchestra cover each other on the f'cast... here.
Listen... to Manchester Orchestra doing "Brother (Annuals Cover)" (mp3)
- Check out ham1 at captain's dead... here.
Listen: "Tree Of Birds" (mp3)
- Insound and CMJ have put out a free sampler with Jesu, Health, Georgie James (see above), The Octopus Project, We Are Wolves, and so much more.... here. (Thanks to MOKB).

<br />Georgie James

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