Friday, October 5

Takes Slowly Over By Cut Off Your Hands

In less than a week, you can get yerself The Shaky Hands EP. It contains Aotearoaen postpunky goodness from Cut Off Your Hands, the band that had to change their name because of another band in heavy rotation around here... The Shaky Hands (of ORE). More deets about the name change... here.

Here's a preview (i.e. our favorite track from The Shaky Hands EP): "Takes Slowly Over" (mp3)
"Takes Slowly Over" ( mp3)

And just in case you didn't get it during GT's extensive (ha!) SXSW 2007 coverage (here): "You And I" (mp3)

And just in case you are more visually oriented: "You And I" (youtube vid)

Old myspace page is here.
IAMSOUND page is here.
IAMSOUND preorder page is here.

Cut Off Your Hands

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Cut Off Your Hands

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