Monday, October 22

Too Cute To Puke By Mika Miko

Crap Crap... I both dillied and dallied last night (and waited for the G Train for like, I don't know... forever?) and I missed Mika Miko at Sound Fix. Grrrrrrrr. Some (but not a lot of) deets here.

"Too Cute To Puke" ( mp3)

.tk page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

Mika Miko Live At Sound Fix
photo source: CMJ

Finally Punk also played.

"Australia (Live)" ( mp3)
"Boyfriend Application (Live)" ( mp3)
"Primary Colors (Live)" ( mp3)
"What The Fuck, Missle" (sxsw 2007 mp3)
"Ein Zwei Polizei" (mp4) (source: punkcast)

Finally Punk

As did Soiled Mattress And The Springs.

"Track 06" (mp3 with baaad tags)

Soiled Mattress And The Springs

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Anonymous edan said...

but not to cute to be puked on. at the silent barn show later in the night some dude pitched forward and yacked all over the front of the stage, needless to say MM played a few more before hauling ass outta there

10/23/2007 3:36 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

I bet his name was RALPH!

10/23/2007 5:55 PM  

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