Friday, November 9

(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory By Times New Viking

So Matador dropped a two track mp3 from the new new new Times New Viking... here.

Dig it: "(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory" (matador mp3)

This is what the new album, Rip It Off will look like:
Times New Viking

Myspace page is here.
Matador page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- I Rock Cleveland has the new Times New Viking mp3... here (hey wait a sec).
- Music blogs are killing music? Yeah right.
- The internet blog hangin' out in 100b has posted some "Titanic Vandalism"... here. It's from The Go! Team.

Here are some blurry (Damn you Ballantine!) photos from the Motico show last night at Goodbye Blue Monday. Unfortunately, they have not re-worked "The Smartest Tree in the Forest" (mp3) for the new no-bass format. Oh well. Oh yeah, the photos:
Motico at GBM
Motico at GBM
Motico at GBM

Also check out dirtybookart dot com
dirty book art dot com

Also check out DUNE in the GBM bathroom

More GBM bathroom art
Bathroom at GBM

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