Tuesday, November 20

New Direction By The YMD

The YMD (formerly known as Yah Mos Def) are gonna release Excuse Me, This Is Yah Mos Def early next year. Now, this MAY be changed to Excuse Me, This Is The YMD, but I'm just guessing.

Listen: "New Direction" (box.net mp3)

Hey, anyone sampling Bikini Kill and Minor Threat have got my vote, and with a song title like "Jive Like Jehu," one can only hope for a feedbacky sampling of Drive Like Jehu. You know, something like this... "Caress" (yousendit).

My Pal God is here.
More about that album release and the name change... here.

Consider Clicking
- Badical Beats reports on new blog based record label, RCRD LBL... here. What's it got? Hows about some Grizzly Bear.
- Have you listened to the Deerhunter's Daytrotter session, yet? Here's a taste: "Cavalry Scars" (box.net mp3). Get the whole damn thing... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful has a new mix entitled, Getting Lost in the Rhythm... here (not Mac Firefox friendly, boo!).
- OFF THE RECORD posts some Skylarkin (not Skylarking)... here.


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