Sunday, November 4

One Man Tag Crew By Dub Trio

So, Dub Trio play a big mishmash of rock, punk, metal, and of course the dub (a la King Tubby). They don't sing and apparently they are "not going to start singing," but they are not adverse to working with people who sing.

"One Man Tag Crew" ( mp3) (source: insound)

BONUS with vocals:
"Not Alone" (yousendit mp3) by Dub Trio with Mike Patton/Peeping Tom

Bonus without vocals:
"A whole Dub Trio show at Piano's on 5/23/2006 (without track names, grrrr)" (zip)
More info and downloads... here.

Myspace page is here.
ROIR USA is here.

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Dub Trio

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