Thursday, November 8

World Heart By Abe Vigoda

WARNING: The music in the post below may be annoying to your S.O. (significant other). Please use it wisely. Anywho, here's two new new new Abe Vigoda mp3s.

Download, Download:
"World Heart" ( mp3)
"Animal Ghosts" ( mp3)
(source: myspace)

BONUS?: There are two more freebies in myspaceland.

Abe's life blog is here.
Post Present Medium page is (sort of) here, maybe.
Not Not Fun is here.
Purchase the "World Heart" 7" at Zum... here.

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- Raven Sings The Blues also looks at Shooting Spires' new effort... here.
- I looked at Shooting Spires... here. Alas, I don't have the new album... yet.
- Captain's Dead found a kickass Minutemen recording... here.
- 3hive continues to post Dischord bands. This time it's Jawbox... here.
- I don't need to post this.

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