Thursday, December 27

LIVE: No Being Disgusting By Screaming Females

Staight Outta New Brunswick (NJ)!!

Screaming Females

It's Screaming Females. The Females have a new (live) song up on their myspace page, as recorded for "internet radio dealy" JamNow. Take a listen...

Downloadable: "No Being Disgusting" ( mp3)

BONUS: "Electric Pilgrim" ( mp3)
Footnote: I still don't know if the glitch in this mp3 is intentional or not.

Consider Clicking
- Best of "oh Seven" coverage... (1) thepunkguy has his list here. Check it! (2) PTST looks at the NYC bands of 2008... here, and (3) NPR's "best of" linkage is here.

- Proto-Grunge Lovers Unite! lamestain has posted The U-Men... here.

- Heart On A Stick has got the Take Away show of O'Death... here.

- Boat new LP progress report and possible track listing... here. AND I totally missed the fact that Boat was posting about artists covering the Boat catalogue. HERE is the latest one. It's Baby I Love You performing "Lanterns and Laughing Ladies" (mp3)


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