Thursday, December 6

Slippershell By Kristin Hersh

So I missed this last month. It's the story on the Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders, or CASH Music Project (does Johnny's estate know about that name? I wonder). CASH knows there is a Problem With Music, and they want to find an alternative. They think sharing is good not evil, and paying what you want (a la Radiohead) might just work.

The first CASH Music Project song is by Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave), who has a whole section of her website entitled free music, and it ain't just a lame myspace page link, either. If you haven't already be sure to pick up the 50 Foot Wave Free Music EP. Anyway, here is that new Kristin Hersh song.

Listen: "Slippershell" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
4AD page is here.
Yep Roc page is here.
CASH Music Project is here.
Emusic page is here.

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kristin by dina douglass

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Blogger Chris in Oxford said...

Thanks for this. I've always been more of a Tanya Donelly fan (visual aesthetics only) but Hersh's music is great!

I found you because we were both in the top blog rankings for last week with excellent point for quality but poor for popularity. Care to exchange links to try and bring that latter score up a bit?

All the best,


12/13/2007 2:17 AM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the comment. You'll be in my next sidebar update.

b o b

12/13/2007 5:07 PM  

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