Sunday, December 23

So Post All 'Em (Instumental) By Yacht

So maybe... maybe you saw it here first? What am I talking about? This...

It's free instrooo (read: instrumental) Yacht (and a little The Blow too). Do you love Yacht, but not like the vocals so much? Do you dream of busting it up Jona-Sytle with some Yacht karaoke?? Are you an aspiring mashup artiste? Well what ever you are, get ready.

Download: "So Post All 'Em (Instumental)" (mp3)

Just what is available?
YACHT: 2007 Instrumentals
The Blow: Paper Television Instrumentals
YACHT: We Float Around, Hang Out On Clouds

Get all the "Freedom Songs"... here.

Myspace page is here.
Marriage & States Rights Records are here.

Oh and thanks Jona, you rock.


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Anonymous jennings said...

Thanks for the shout . . . .

12/23/2007 3:26 PM  

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