Saturday, January 5

Armament By A Whisper In The Noise

Want to hear something that is not the same old drums-bass-guitar (not that there's any wrong with that)? Well then... you should turn up some A Whisper In The Noise.

Listen: "Armament" (mp3)

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Consider Clicking
- Bell covered "Videotape/Eraser (Live)" (mp3) by Radiohead/Thom Yorke on Fair Game.
- Just Gimme Indie Rock has a mix for the weekend... here.
- Ruby Isle's project continues with a mashup of Steve Malkmus and M.I.A.... "The Planes of Baltimore" (mp3)... here.
- New New New Times New Viking... "Drop Out" (mp3)
- New New New Mt. Goats... "Sax Rohmer #1" (mp3)
- Surprise! Amplive meets Warner's lawyers... here.
- How can I not link to Tullycraft's mp3 of yesterday... "All The Records On The Radio Are Shite" by BALLBOY... here.
- The Sharp Ease has a shootoff... Paloma Parfrey has a new band TEMPORARY WAR AND PEACE. More about that... here.
Listen to The Sharpe Ease: "Desert Song" ( mp3)
- Myspace? dirt bird or The Sess
- Missed this the other month... Ricky of Galactic Heroes covering "Come With Me, We'll Win" (mp3) by BOAT
- Time Door has the Compilation Blues... here.
- Here's two more mp3s that are popping up everywhere... "Warning" (mp3) by Wye Oak, and "Right Hand On My Heart" (mp3) by The Whigs (the non-Afghan variety)
- Heartache With Hardwork has Hot Snakes... here.

A Whisper In The Noise

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