Thursday, January 17

The Muggabears On WOXY

So, The Muggabears stopped by WOXY the other day... here.

Listen to the results: The Muggabears on WOXY (mp3)

Setlist (with some mp3 links to the original songs):
"Guitar Feelings (new/unreleased)" ( mp3 which you may remember from this post)
"The Goth Tarts" (mp3)
"Untitled (new/unreleased)"
"Dead Kid Kicks" (mp3)
"She Bears"

Myspace page is here.
Buy Night Choreography EP here.
Emusic page is here.

A Wee BONUS: "I'm Coming True" ( mp3)

Consider Clicking
- New New New Big Sleep over at p'fork... "Bad Blood" (mp3)
- Mommy, I scared... r-r-remember this? Now there's a studio version: "Wild Thing (Remix)" by Tone Loc remixed by Peaches.
- My inbox had two State Bird mp3s in it... "What's All The Racket In Our Haunted Attic" (mp3) and "The Golden Glowing Mask" (mp3)
- "Smoke Up, Johnny!"... the new Contrast Podcast is all about "Smoking" (mp3).
- Mmmmmm... Yummy Yummy Air. Whaaa?
- Oh No, Oh My! played around at Daytrotter... here.
- I just hope they have a good lawyer.

The Muggabears At WOXY

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