Friday, February 29

Balloons By Foals

This here is prettty dang catchy (which you prolly already done heard but fuck it). It's UK whiteboy funk played with math rock precision.

Downloadable: "Balloons" (sub pop mp3) by Foals

Misheard Lyrics = FUN!

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Sub Pop's (no preorder yet) page for Antidotes is here.
Transgressive Records is here.
Youtube page is here.

Consider Clicking
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- Do you know Purkinje Shift?? Maybe you should BOAWS... here. Also, a new monthly mix is up. New Radiant Storm King And Poster Children?? Oh Yeah... here.

- Brooklyn Vegan has a nice roundup of music industry related news and such... here.

- KRS busts out some Panther goodies just for you... Remixes! "On The Lam (Copy Remix)" (mp3) and "Puerto Rican Jukeboxk (Lips And Ribs Remix)" (mp3 with intentional misspelling)

- Tullycraft posts Felt and gives you some Sex Pistols history... here.

Foals make you wanna Jump Jump

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