Thursday, February 14

Gilt Complex (Aucostic) By Sons And Daughters

So, have you picked up This Gift?? That's the new Sons And Daughters CD, and it's filled with some high energy Scottish goodness.

Here are two awesome Vic Galloway Sessions from BBC Scotland which have been made available via the Sons And Daughter's myspace.

"Gilt Complex (Acoustic)" ( mp3)
"Chains (Acoustic)" ( mp3)

Here's two new(ish) vids made available on The Youtube.

"Gilt Complex" (youtube)
"Darling" (youtube)

Myspace page is here
Domino Records Co. page is here.
Brooklyn tour date info is here.

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- Catching up on my Fair Game I found out The Vandelles stopped by and played a couple songs. Here is the whole show. Here are the two individual tracks:
"Die For It Cowboy (Live on Fair Game)" (mp3)
"Lovely Weather (Live on Fair Game)" (mp3)

- The Atlas Sound sings the blues for Raven Sings The Blues... here.

- No Be Your Own Pet mp3s yet... just a stream... "The Kelly Affair" (streaming mov)

- Stream something else... watch a Kills vid: "URA Fever" (youtube)

- Listen to Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Miwa Gemini... "Pieces" (mp3) off of This Is How I Found You

- TIMEDOOR has the (John Peel) Compilation Blues again... here.

- More MIA "Paper Planes" remixes.... here and here.

- Blood On The Wall totally want to quit their day jobs. More about that over at Stereogum... here.

Sons And Daughters

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Blogger purplesimon said...

Love this band! Seen them years ago at the Scala in London and couldn't wait to get my (slightly grubby) little mitts on this record.

Well worth checking out their debut EP and the last album too.

Thanks for posting them.

purplesimon out...

2/15/2008 12:32 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...


2/15/2008 7:09 PM  

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