Sunday, February 10

Puerto Rican Jukebox By Panther

Ack... can't stop listening to that new Panther track. Dig that indie funk.

Downloadable: "Puerto Rican Jukebox" (mp3)

The new album, 14kt God, drops on February 19th.

BONUS mp3s:
"Violence, Diamonds" (mp3)
"You Don't Want Your Nails Done" (mp3)
"How Well Can You Swim?" (mp3)

BONUS vid:
"How Well Can You Swim? (E*Rock's Glass Dove Remix)" (html embed)

Myspace page is here.
Kill Rock Stars is here.
Fryk Beat is here.
Rhinestone Neckbrace is here.
Emusic page is here.
Pre-Order 14kt God... here.

Consider Clicking
- Brooklyn/Lawrence rockers, Blood On The Wall edited the Single Files over at Paper Thin Wall the other day:

- Courtney suggested "Encouragement" (mp3) by Brad's other band Bandit Teeth... here.

- Brad suggested "Gang War" by Coat Party... here.

- Miggy suggested "Smoke Reality" by The Naysayer (opposite of Yeasayer?)... here

- Touring BOTW drummer, Zach suggested "I'll Be Your Whore" by Boo And Boo Too... here.


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