Saturday, February 23

S.A.F. Records

So, Aptos, CA-based S.A.F. Records has a bunch more mp3s than the couple I recently posted by Die! Die! Die!. Check it:

"You Can't Do That To an Axe" (mp3) by The Mae Shi

"Flying Saucer" (mp3) by Dmonstrations

"Candy Dinner" (mp3) by Yip-Yip

"80 Dollars" (mp3) by Mikaela's Fiend

"The Tower [or: War]" (mp3) by TWIN

Myspace page is here.
Online Store is here.
More mp3s are here.

Consider Clicking
- FILE UNDER Geek: video previews of Android, Google's open source phone OS... here and here.

- You gots to check out the "Office Riot" at Said The Gramophone... here. There's also a Vampire Weekend remix by Black Dominoes and something by one Andy Swan.

- Speaking of remixes... More Health remixes at GvsB... here. Even more Health remixes... here.

s.a.f. records

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Blogger Jimmy Legs said...

aw, i was just thinking of mikela's fiend, i saw them at cake shop some time ago. they are small children but obviously they can wail. the drums were huge and the drummer tiny. i doubt seriously he was even 21 yet.

2/25/2008 1:17 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Now I know I am old... 21 does seem VERY young.

2/26/2008 11:29 AM  

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