Friday, February 1

VIDEO: Diamonds By Low Scores

Just noticed that Low Scores posted this vid of "Diamonds". It is part of his new collab with Stenographer. Oh, and the video was put together by Ein.

Check it: video link is here.
youtube links are here and here.

Download a little recent Low Scores: "Black Tape" (mp3)

Download a lot of older Low Scores:
"Bumble And The Bees (Instrumental Album)" (zip)
"10,000 Cities (Remix Album)" (zip) page is here (with many a free mp3).

Consider Clicking
- Muzak For Cybernetics has posted a few new mp3s from The Mae Shi. "Run" to get them.. here.

- New "'gumdropped" Devotchka is over at GvsB... here.

- The Early Day Miners dig up somrthing good for Daytrotter.... here. Non-Daytrotter Session: "All Harm" (mp3)

- New trends in band names at EAR FARM... here.

- Tullycraft post a mellow version of "Pillar Of Salt" (mp3) by The Thermals... here.

- Captain's Dead has a decent Arcade Fire in NY boot... here.

- All I can say is Holy Fuck! This smacks of hoax, but I have not heard anything to the contrary yet. Does Rachel Ray really like "Lovely Allen" (mp3) by postrockers Holy Fuck? Maybe, if she drinks a few "Root Beer Bombs" (foodtv recipe).

- File under Free Not Free. Clinic is giving away a zip with two new tracks ("Free Not Free" and "Thor") in exchange for an email address... here. Props to GvsB for pointing this out. Also, watch the video for "Free Not Free" (mov)

low scores

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