Wednesday, March 12

LIVE: Widow Of My Dreams By Obits

Need I remind you of the awesomeness of Hot Snakes? If the answer is yes, watch this: "Braintrust" (ughh.. wmv). Now we've already heard John Reis' new band The Night Marchers.

Listen (if you haven't already): "Who's Lady R U?" (mp3)

So what is Rick Froberg up to? He got the Obits. These recordings may be rough, plus one appears to be cut out a little too soon, but these make me pretty excited for an album recorded in a studio (which should be finished in a "couple months").

"Widow Of My Dreams (Live)" (mp3)
"Talking To The Dog (Live)(Cut Off?)" (mp3)

"Milkcow Blues" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.

Consider Clicking
- If you haven't already watch Iggy Pop & The Stooges perform "Burning Up" by Madonnaat that thing that happens once a year in Cleveland... here.

- Have you seen the trailer for... the greatest sequel of ALL time? Laying it on too thick? No.

- Three... three new Breeders vids for your consideration:
"We're Gonna Rise" (youtube)
"Bang On" (youtube)
"Overglazed" (youtube)

- GT favs, Double Dagger have a 'single file' over at ptw... here. P.S. It's not this song (which is definitely crackerjack): "The Psychic" (mp3)


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