Monday, March 3

Snow In Berlin By Zookeeper

Mining Part 8

At SXSW you can see/hear some Classic Rock for the 21st Century. I'm talking about Zookeeper.

Listen: "Snow In Berlin" (mp3)

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"Becoming All Things" (mp3)
"Trumpets" (mp3)
"Ballad Of My Friends" (mp3)
"Everyone's A DJ" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Maybe you read this or this or this, if not there is a new 36 track NIN instroo-mental album, Ghosts I-IV. It has a Niggy Tardust-esque pricing plan. Get the first 9 tracks for free or buy it digitally for $5 or get a physical copy for $10 or get an edition filled with luxe for $75 or... ummm $300. Order Ghosts I-IV... here. UPDATE: My free zip file was corrupted. Maybe I'll try later when the site traffic goes down a bit. Maybe not. The extra servers worked! Wait, no they didn't. AHHHH!

- Watch yourself some Best Fwends at here.

- You know Xiu Xiu? Listen: "I Do What Want When I Want" (mp3). Well, they are part of CASH. They posted "Sing On This" (mp3) for you to sing over. I kinda like Indy Go Jones' project Lynxes version... "Leave This Town" (mp3). There are a bunch more sung over tracks... here.

- The Antlers have remixed a song by Thrushes (for a remix album contest). Listen: "Heartbeats (Antlers Remix)" (mp3). Vote for it here.

- NEVVER posts Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack composer Shiro Sagisu... here.

- WTF?

- WTF? Let's Make Love and Listen to Hall & Oates From Above!

- ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead stop by at Daytrotter and leave a trail of four mp3s... here. Alas, no "Richter Scale Madness" (southern mp2s). Oh well... You'll Dance To Anything!

- XXJFG says "Destroy death and Party" with Foot Village, Nero's Day At Disneland, Captain Ahab, and Casy And Brian... here.

- New New New Kills @ Fluxblog (a plague on words)... here.


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