Sunday, March 16


Ok Ok... one more SXSW post. Check out some of the artists you may have missed. I know I did. Oh well, maybe next year.

"Black Malm" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres

"Electric Counterpoint" (mp3) by Steve Reich (no relation... That I know of)

"A Goose" (mp3) by The Weird Weeds

"In Return" (mp3) by Torche

"Jackpot" (mp3) by Soiled Mattress & The Springs

"Sleep" (mp3) by Tree Wave

"Sun Beam" (mp3) by Knife World

"Vile" (mp3) by Power Pill Fist of Black Moth Super Rainbow

Consider Clicking
- P'fork points us to to watch The new Spoon vid for "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb"... here.

- BERKELEY PLACE posts a boot of QOTSA doing an acoustic show in Bern... here.

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna posts about the footwearlooking shoegazers Soundpool and their influences... here.

- The Gloaming is very excited about Radio Liberation (KEXP on WNYE), and so am I... here.

- The Culture Of Me posts mp3s of the Crystal Castles and Team Robespierre varieties... here.

- Motel De Moka has put up a mix entitled Point Of No Return... here.


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