Friday, April 25

Cocksuckerbastardmotherfucker By Necropolis

I don't know if you know it but, Necropolis rocks. You can tell by looking at their url for their myspace page: So, if you didn't know it before, you know it now. Today for your consideration I have the b-side on the Workingman 7".

Listen: "Cocksuckerbastardmotherfucker" ( mp3)

The 7" is sold out right now, it should be back in print this Summer.

CDR is here.
Emusic page is here.
Mining post is here.

Consider Clicking
- Said The Gramophone posts the postrocky goodness of "God's Asshole" by one Family Of Love... here. Here is the much noisier: "Relax Attack" ( mp3)

- Kudos to Eric for holding out so long.

- Hardy Heron, anyone?

- It's Spring, and the Grunge is blooming... here.

- Dig the song (by Le Loup), the vid? not so much... here.

- Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? By 40 Thieves @ XXJFG... here.

- Listen to Cut Off Your Hands cover Split Endz... here.

- NEVVER wants you to listen to some new Breeders... here.

- We Vs. The Shark totally started me on this weird early Voivod flashback, must be the tuning on the bass.

"Hello Blood" (mp3)
"Mr. Ego Death" (mp3)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Le Loup video: the song sounds different on the video, no? Wishful thinking on my part?

2) I tried Really Hard to like CSBMF cuz the title tickles me even more than BMFA by Martha Wainwright, but couldn't get into it. Pooh.


4/28/2008 2:44 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

There's a bill I'd like to see.


The Bloody Cocksucker Bastard Motherfucking Assholes Tour

4/28/2008 3:45 PM  

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